Burnt Out Soul

by Calloused

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Thank you to the PNBX family, Jonathan Silva and everyone who has supported us.


released May 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Calloused Midland, Texas

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Track Name: Noose
Never felt this low, feeling like I got no where to go. Get me out of this living hell. Help me to break this mold, this shell built around me for all the world to see. I'm not the person that you need me to be, I don't have the spine for it. Help you live, Help you breathe, help you be who you wanna be. I'm broken. I'm weak. This world has got me on my knees. Held up by a rope around my neck. Fight for air to keep me in check. Is this whats to come of me? Weak knees, hanging from a tree. Searching for something to save me from the hatred that's within me. Inner peace is out of reach.
Track Name: Rope
Waking up is the hardest thing to do. I pick myself up and push to where it's all I can take I've tried and tried but you can't fake what isnt there. I just love the things I can't hold on to. Sometimes it feels like the only thing i know to do is lose what matters most. I'm not me, my body is a ghost I wish I could find my skin, I'm not me my body is a ghost I wish that I could live again.

I've kicked this chair from underneath me and found no hope at the end of this fucking rope.

Now I know what it's like to live with myself.

Clear my life away and dust the shelf. It's all I am and it's floating away.
Track Name: Sleep
Why do I do this to myself? I walk myself through my own personal hell. Can I ever escape it? Or will I forever walk this road? I have the key to my grave and the hole is dug. 6 feet deep and all I want is sleep. Let the dirt cover me and stop my breathing. This is all that I've been needing. A way to escape, the things that I've done, the people I've hurt. Just searching for peace within myself just needing a light to guide me home. I'm a burnt out soul with no where to go. Please take me home.
Track Name: Bottom Feeder
Lead me down to the burial ground. I wanna meet my maker. Can't live this life that I'm livin no take I just keep on givin. Broken soul, hole in my chest. you've gotten the best of me. I wanna see the world from the ground up. Spit and walk all over me. Broken spirit, can you fuckin hear it? It left long ago. Picture this, picture everything that I've fucking missed. Picture you and me that's all we'll never be. Your face is always the same. In my heart and in my head. You're the reason I wish I was dead. I wanna live amongst the dirt, I wanna feel all the hurt. Just a lost wandering soul but there's no streets that I've roamed. Another day filled with pain. Can't overcome it I've already out run it. Now I live in this shit that I've made. I dug the hole in the grave I lay. Just living in these wasted days waiting to decay. No salvation. Eternal damnation. Life of manipulation. I can't be changed.